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Find out why Associate Director Suzanne Gurlanick rejoined WTW

Find out why Associate Director Suzanne Gurlanick rejoined WTW

 February 01, 2024

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WTW uses its know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and fuel potential, making for a highly engaging and innovative culture, and one where colleagues are empowered to achieve the best possible results, for each other and for WTW's clients.

As such, WTW provides a wide range of exciting career opportunities for experienced professionals to take their career somewhere completely new. The company is delighted when former colleagues choose to come back to WTW.

Meet WTW Associate Director for Talent Acquisition, Suzanne Guralnick, who spent a decade at WTW before pursuing a new opportunity at a different company. Here, Suzanne shares her story of returning to WTW, the factors that influenced her decision to re-join the team, and why WTW remains her employer of choice.

Suzanne's journey as a WTW returner

Suzanne initially joined WTW in 2011 and worked with the company for 10 years. After leaving to work for another company, Suzanne decided to return to WTW a year and a half later.

"This decision was made after the Global Head of Recruitment reached out to me, which sparked a great conversation. The timing was right, and I missed my colleagues at WTW – the way that we make inclusion and diversity an integral part of recruiting, the continuing education that happens here to ensure our recruiters are following best practices, and the endless opportunities to enrich our jobs by participating in and leading projects are some of the things I missed most. At WTW, we can raise our hands, make suggestions, and continue to grow," recalls Suzanne.

Returning to WTW with renewed enthusiasm

Suzanne explains that returning to WTW is a remarkable journey, rich with personal growth, rediscovery, and the joy of reuniting with familiar faces.

"As I walked through the virtual doors of WTW there was a flood of positive memories and reminders of projects that I worked on; processes that I helped to implement and colleagues that I worked closely with in the past. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgia and excitement for the new chapter ahead. Reflecting on the past, I realized how much I had learned at WTW and during my time away, and how those experiences had shaped my perspective. This reflection encouraged me to approach my return with fresh eyes and renewed enthusiasm," says Suzanne.

Opportunities for personal and professional development

For Suzanne, there are several reasons why she enjoys working with WTW including the company's amazing colleagues, efficient processes, and the ability for each employee to bring their whole self to work.

"Moreover, there are countless opportunities for personal and professional development. Your voice matters here – if you have a sound idea or a solution, you are given the opportunity to take your idea and run with it. The colleagues at WTW are like family to me. There’s such a caring element and when you’re in such a positive environment it brings out the best in everyone," attests Suzanne.

Making a positive impact on the world

Suzanne explains that WTW is not just a place to work, it’s so much more.

"We care about our colleagues and communities and making a positive impact on the world. We really are invested in our colleagues. The growth and transformation I’ve witnessed within WTW mirrors my own personal evolution. Every day brings new opportunities to learn, collaborate, and make a meaningful impact," says Suzanne.

A welcoming and open environment

"Coming back to WTW was like coming 'home' again. My colleagues were very helpful in welcoming me, sharing knowledge about new systems and policy changes, and offering to lend a helping hand. My leaders were also welcoming and open regarding involving me in discussions fostering collaboration and teamwork. The overall support made me feel welcomed back to my WTW home," says Suzanne.

"Returning to WTW meant stepping into a company that had evolved in my absence. New faces, updated technologies, and innovative strategies were now part of the landscape. Embracing change became a central theme, and I found myself eagerly learning about the advancements that had taken place. The willingness of my incredible colleagues to help me catch up was a testament to the supportive environment at WTW."

Stepping out of the comfort zone

During Suzanne's career with WTW, she has had so many proud moments, but it’s the moments where she was pushed out of her comfort zone that make her the proudest.

"I got to work on requests for information for our new video interviewing vendor. My colleagues around the world got to review proposals and make recommendations on which vendor to select and why. I had the opportunity to oversee the entire process, starting from working with stakeholders and purchasing, to collaborating with the vendor for product implementation. I also developed comprehensive process guides for our team, while working with others to ensure that the recruiters have access to the most up-to-date documents to navigate the video interviewing platform. These guides are still in use today," explains Suzanne.

"Another proud moment was taking on the high-volume hiring initiative and finding a creative way to track contingent hires as our applicant tracking system was not set up to track the hiring volume at the time. The high-volume project allowed me to work closely with my team in North America as well as with other Human Resource colleagues outside of recruitment. That project showed me what an awesome team of recruiters we have at WTW."

Volunteering for causes that are near and dear

Suzanne's favorite WTW benefit is the company's paid volunteer day, she says: "The fact that we can take eight hours to volunteer for a cause that is near and dear to our hearts means a lot to me. I love how we have a spirit of caring at WTW."

Working with impactful team members

WTW team members working with Suzanne are welcoming, collaborative, smart and constantly looking for ways to be the best at what they do.

"This is something I noticed over 13 years ago when I first worked here. I was in awe of how our team not only discussed best practices, but went the extra mile to implement them and measure their success. This was true when I started and still holds true today. WTW is home to me. It’s great to be back!," concludes Suzanne.

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