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Find a great job with inclusive, supportive employer WTW

Find a great job with inclusive, supportive employer WTW

 February 19, 2024

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WTW believes that difference makes the company stronger. WTW wants its workforce to reflect the different and varied markets it operates in and a culture of inclusion where all its colleagues can bring their best self to work every day, feeling welcomed and valued.

Leading an inclusion network

WTW's inclusion networks help create the company's diverse and inclusive culture. These networks support groups which have been historically or systematically underrepresented in the workplace, and help foster a more inclusive culture at WTW. They are essential to WTW's efforts to recruit, retain and develop underrepresented talent.

Throughout the year, WTW's networks host inspirational and educational events to raise awareness, promote the company's global diversity calendar, and celebrate locally important days.

In Portugal, WTW Senior Associate Tânia Ramos leads an Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Network. Tânia is proud of the support provided to her and her colleagues. 

"Being part of the WTW Portugal I&D community means real action, not just words. My colleagues and I feel supported and I am proud to work for WTW," says Tânia.

Inclusion is vital for business success 

WTW knows that when employees' individual talents are combined, this unlocks collective potential and creates an environment where everyone can be authentic, curious and bold. Building diverse teams helps leverage WTW's best thinking and make better decisions, be more creative, and improve the company's ability to help clients solve complex problems.

For WTW, an inclusive culture - where the company embraces individual perspectives, experience, insights and ideas - creates a space where colleagues are empowered to bring their whole selves to work. Providing an inclusive environment where different ideas and perspectives are respected is critical to WTW's ability to transform tomorrows, and is vital for its success as a company.

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