Honeywell tech expert Sheila Jordan discusses Generative AI

Honeywell tech expert Sheila Jordan discusses Generative AI

 February 21, 2024

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Generative AI (GenAI) is a big topic for the future of work. Through the power of AI, companies worldwide are finding innovative ways to drive performance and achieve results.

As with any technology, GenAI brings challenges and risks. However, experts are stepping forward to help companies adapt to this changing landscape, while sharing their advice on how to harness the power of GenAI.

One such expert is Sheila Jordan, Honeywell’s Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Technology Officer. In this role, Sheila is responsible for all digital transformation efforts across the company, including transformation platform construction and adoption, and delivering value across Enterprise Data activities.

In an article for Forbes, Sheila shares her perspective on how companies can unleash the transformative power of Generative AI to address their most challenging pain points and create long-term value.

Investing in disruptive technology 

Sheila describes GenAI as a "disruptor": technology that could change lives forever by reshaping how consumers live, work, and play. For Sheila, GenAI is so disruptive because it enables organizations to release unstructured data; it's incredibly versatile; it's easy-to-use and accessible for employees; and it is constantly learning and improving. 

"GenAI is just like the disruptors before it, with one meaningful difference. Never in my 20+ years as a technology leader have I witnessed a technological transformation as substantial as what occurred in 2023. At Honeywell, we went from exploring GenAI deployment for the first time last February to launching pilot programs with benefit realization and qualifying 24 programs to be fully launched in 2024. There is no doubt our investment has already started to pay off," comments Sheila.

Honeywell recognizes the potential of this pioneering technology. The company invests in GenAI, from exploring GenAI deployment to launching pilot programs, and applying it across departments.

Understanding the challenges of GenAI

While the benefits of GenAI technology are clear, Sheila understands that companies are still faced with a challenge: "How do we put this technology in more people’s hands while maintaining trust and protecting privacy?"

To address this, Sheila suggests that companies must understand GenAI’s unique capabilities and how to best channel them for long-term, bottom-line initiatives, instead of short-term productivity gains.

"Done successfully, GenAI’s broad adoption will undoubtedly have a net positive impact - but as with any new technology, nothing is free of risk. Our responsibility is to manage this technology, govern it and establish proper controls to protect data privacy, security and maintain trust. Trust should not be a barrier that stops us from implementing disruptive technologies. Instead, when used correctly, technology and data allow us to build trust with our employees, customers and clients," explains Sheila. 

Putting GenAI into more hands 

Sheila foresees a future where companies improve employee access to GenAI to create long-term business value. However, reaching this point requires companies to fully realize GenAI's innovative and operational capabilities beyond simple automation. 

"As we put this tool in more hands, we must also decompose the notion that GenAI will eliminate jobs. I believe we will build employee trust as we make our people aware of the upskilling opportunities GenAI offers, leading to more interesting work, while enabling higher degrees of critical thinking and ultimately enhancing the speed of decision-making," adds Sheila.

Whether running a Fortune 500 company or leading a young startup, the question is not whether GenAI will be integrated into the organization, but it is how it will be integrated effectively without allowing it to become a massive distraction.

"The pace at which we are developing and accelerating technology is quickening," suggests Sheila. "Just like the rush the mobile phone brought us two decades ago – GenAI is exciting, exhilarating and deserving of the hype and hope that surround it."

Read the full article to understand more about Sheila's thoughts on unleashing the transformative power of GenAI.

A Honeywell digital technology leader

In her role at Honeywell, Sheila has broad oversight and responsibility for IT infrastructure, end user support, the more than 100 services delivered through applications, and the expansion of software development to support Honeywell’s digital initiatives and go-to-market offerings.

Before Honeywell, Sheila was Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Symantec, where she was responsible for Symantec’s IT strategy and operations. Prior to that, Sheila served as Senior Vice President of Communication & Collaboration IT at Cisco Systems. Sheila also worked for Walt Disney World, where she was the Senior Vice President of Destination Disney.

Sheila is the recipient of multiple industry awards and recognitions, including being named one of the 2022 Top 100 Women in Technology by Technology Magazine and a 2019 Women of Influence Award from Silicon Valley Business Journal. Sheila was also recognized as one of the Top 25 Women Leaders in Cybersecurity in 2019 by The Software Report.

Sheila holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida and an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology. Sheila is also the author of You are NOT Ruining Your Kids: A Positive Perspective on the Working Mom.

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