Honeywells Shruti Sain helps make the world a better place

Honeywell's Shruti Sain helps make the world a better place

 February 27, 2024

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Are you passionate about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)?

Imagine what it’s like combining all the above into a career daily.

That's what Futureshaper Shruti does.

Shruti Sain is Chief Financial Officer of Sustainable Technology Solutions in Honeywell UOP.

As a finance leader overseeing emerging areas of sustainable technologies – from renewable fuels to carbon capture, storage and utilization – she helps bring products and services to life designed to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.

Shruti helps create a more sustainable tomorrow across industries around the globe.

Sustainability is very key to Shruti and as such forms a large part of her career focus. "I love nature. I love hiking. It feels freeing. It brings you back to what is important. I think it also allows you to spend quality time with the ones that matter the most. In my case, my dog. And so being able to spend the time with him outdoors is something that I really enjoy."

Here Shruti discusses projects that are bringing Honeywell one step closer to supporting the growth of a zero-carbon economy.

Overseeing areas of sustainable technologies

As a Finance Leader with Honeywell, overseeing emerging areas of sustainable technologies, from renewable fuels to carbon capture, storage and utilization, Shruti helps bring products and services to life designed to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.

"We offer solutions that help abate greenhouse gases emitted in the world. That's huge. My job is to help our teams model those solutions, find pricing mechanisms where we guarantee these outcomes and are willing to carry the risk of these outcomes until they actually develop, and find alternate structuring mechanisms that will work for these new industries," explains Shruti.

"A lot of my work involves complex financial modeling, understanding demand patterns and prices for certain technologies and solutions, learning from teams in research and development, and combining my own financial and commercial acumen."

Influencing sustainable solutions

Shruti explains that she selected her job with Honeywell over two other more conventional CFO roles. Being able to be in a job that directly influences sustainable solutions in the world is very meaningful for her.

"I’ve been able to envision the impact that my job has on the environment, and I think I do my best work when it’s connected to my values," Shruti comments.

"I've been able to discover this more and more in the sustainability role, because I'm able to envision the impact that my job has on this whole larger environment. I'm not bogged down by everyday dramas, because we have a greater purpose. And that really, really motivates me to jump out of bed every day and give my best."

Exploring unique perspectives

For Shruti, a Honeywell Futureshaper is empowered, sees the future of the work that they are doing today and explores unique perspectives and ideas to make their contributions better each time.

"They are passionate people who derive meaning from their work," suggests Shruti.

Embark on a Honeywell career and help forge a sustainable world

Honeywell is connected to a common purpose of innovation and creates exceptional technologies with a responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future.

Discover the many career pathways available at Honeywell.


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