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WTW Global Leadership Team say WTW is a great place to work

 March 28, 2024

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There is a global dimension to almost everything that WTW does, creating exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth throughout a WTW career.

Here WTW's Global Leadership Team explain why the company is such a tremendous place to work,

A long and impressive history

WTW is a company with a very powerful foundation, a long history and many roots.

"We have done some incredible things through our history. We were the insurance broker for the Titanic and the Moon Buggy. We created the first defined benefit plan in the United States. and we invented the notion of employee engagement. In a nutshell, we are the place to be for clients and colleagues," says WTW Head of Health, Wealth & Career, Julie Gebauer.

Values are at the core of WTW's rich history

"Our values, which are non-negotiables, permeate everything we do. Client focus, teamwork, excellence, integrity, and respect," explains Julie.

Bringing together new skills and capabilities globally

Julie shares that she is tremendously thrilled about the future of WTW, due to the work the company is doing in terms of shaping industry and transforming tomorrows.

"The present moment at WTW is something that you can feel the energy around. When you think about what we're doing to transform perspectives and tomorrows around the world, there is so much momentum from our colleagues and our clients to do something different. At WTW, we look at the opportunity to bring together new skills and capabilities globally," explains WTW Head of Employee Experience, Global Inclusion & Diversity Counsel Chair, and Global LGBT Inclusion Network Lead, Suzanne McAndrew.

"Having a regional hub in Lisbon is one of the best opportunities I've seen for the employee experience business and beyond, for us to bring in more skill sets that we need as we continue to grow across the things we do to project manage, the things we do to analyze great insights, the things we do to find client success for organizations that we serve," shares Suzanne.

"Lisbon is a beautiful place to be, and I think our journey is going to really accelerate over the next several years," adds Suzanne.

Lisbon colleagues are integral to the WTW team

WTW Retirement Global Leader, Marco Boschetti, explains that Lisbon has held the role of partner for the retirement business for many years.

"Importantly, the colleagues in Lisbon are an integral part of client teams. If you want a place where you will develop some brilliant skills that will hold you in great stead for your entire career, this is a wonderful place to join. You will garner and gain fantastic skills that you can apply in all walks of life, any career you go down to," encourages Marco Boschetti. "In addition to that, the people are wonderful. You'll have a great time."

Join WTW in transforming tomorrows

Working for WTW provides a chance to push into the unknown, the never before, the new.

WTW colleagues use their know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and fuel potential.

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