Honeywells Sheila Jordan explains impact of generative AI

Honeywell's Sheila Jordan explains impact of generative AI

 April 16, 2024

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Honeywell Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Technology Officer, Sheila Jordan, joined The Future Is... podcast to share her perspective on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), what makes it unique, and advice on harnessing its potential.

Sheila discusses the importance of data, the role AI will play in making it smarter and richer, and how generative AI has the potential to change the way people work, live and play.

AI can improve productivity and drive growth

The podcast discusses why generative AI is different from other disruptive technologies, and the importance of change management in successful adoption of generative AI. It also addresses upskilling workers in the face of emerging technologies.

The podcast also delves into how generative AI can help improve productivity and drive growth for organizations and empower employees to focus on high-value projects, and the considerations for technology leaders implementing generative AI within their organizations, from developing a roadmap to prioritizing data.

“Usually there’s a technology that disrupts how we live, work and play every five to 10 years . . . I believe generative AI is that technology,” says Sheila.

The importance of organizing data

Sheila explains that the future of work really is all about the data, and how the workplace adapts to it.

"Applications are going to change, infrastructure will change, but ultimately you and your company, you own your customer data, you own your transactional data, you own the data," comments Sheila.

"So getting that organized into an enterprise data warehouse, or getting that organized so that you can use it doing dashboards and reporting, and becoming really data driven and savvy, it's not an easy feat."

Generative AI will make the world smarter

Honeywell is aware that everyone uses data to guide decision-making. For Sheila, addressing the quality of data will mean that customers can understand the data to a higher degree, and so the right decisions can be made.

"The more and more and more we can address data quality, the more you have the right data to make the right decisions which are going to expedite better customer and partner experience," says Sheila.

"So to me, it's all about the data, and then of course, generative AI sits on top of that, and it's going to make us smarter and richer," she explains.

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