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WTW hosts Women in Business Lunch to launch Airmic Conference

WTW hosts Women in Business Lunch to launch Airmic Conference

 April 16, 2024

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WTW is committed to supporting and empowering women throughout their careers and personal lives. The company does this by providing access to peer support and networks, as well as providing many opportunities to grow skills and develop knowledge.

WTW is kicking off the Airmic Conference 2024 by hosting a Women in Business Lunch in partnership with Rushton International.

Corinne Hutton will speak at the event, sharing her inspirational journey with a dash of humor and lessons for everyone in tackling challenges in life and work.

Supporting people through sporting activities and counseling

In 2013, Corinne developed an irritating and persistent cough that drastically developed into life-threatening sepsis within 24 hours. Corinne was rushed to hospital but within an hour of arriving she had slipped into unconsciousness and her organs had shut down. She spent six weeks fighting for her life, and after developing gangrene, doctors had to amputate all four of her limbs.

Coming so close to death had a profound impact on Corinne, and seeing her recovery as a second chance, she was determined to make the most of her life. Corinne defied doctors with her remarkable progress and, after four months of rehabilitation, walked a mile through Glasgow on prosthetic legs to raise awareness of the charity she had set up, Finding Your Feet.

The charity was established when Corinne noticed a lack of support for people who have experiences through amputation, and so aims to reduce the social isolation that many feel through peer support, sporting activities and counseling. In five years, the charity has raised more than £1.2 million to fund the clubs and activities.

In January 2019, Corinne underwent a 12-hour procedure to become the first Scottish person to receive a double hand transplant. She had tirelessly campaigned for greater awareness of organ, tissue and limb donation.

Developing knowledge, growing skills and networking

The world is turbulent, suffering from geopolitical, economic and climate tensions, and experiencing risks and opportunities fueled by technology. The Airmic Conference enables people to share their experiences, develop knowledge, grow skills, and network with their peers and other leading professionals.

Airmic is the UK’s largest and most vibrant risk management association, with membership including over 1,850 individual risk and insurance professionals representing 380 organizations. WTW, with its focus on providing data-powered Risk Management Consulting solutions, is an Airmic partner.

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