As a LinkedIn Top Company, Honeywell is a great place to work

As a LinkedIn Top Company, Honeywell is a great place to work

 April 23, 2024

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Honeywell is named a 2024 LinkedIn Top Company, a list that highlights the 50 best large workplaces for career growth in the United States.

"Thank you to our dedicated Futureshapers for making Honeywell a great place to work and grow," commented Honeywell.

Sharing a video on its social media feeds, Honeywell said: "We want to show our appreciation to the Futureshapers making Honeywell a diverse and supportive place to work."

"I love the word Futureshaper. It allows me to know that I'm capable of being part of the solution for the problems of today," commented Honeywell Senior Director, Sales, Commercial Fire, Sue Sadler in the video.

"To me, being a Futureshaper is an opportunity to really set the stage for inclusion within the company, but also externally within the products and offerings and societies in which we support," said Honeywell Senior Talent Manager, Anni Lano.

"We don't accept what's coming just as it is, that we really take responsibility for what we're doing, we take responsibility for our outcomes, and we really get an opportunity to change the industry, to become part of the forefront," added Honeywell Vice President, Customer Experience, Aerospace, Monta Fowlkes.

"Finding your passion, teaching others, realizing how you really can make a difference, whether it be small, location based, or being part of something bigger," shared Honeywell Regional General Manager, Building Technologies, Meagan Lewis.

"Being a Futureshaper to me means being at the forefront of technology," said Honeywell Senior Director, Engineering, Aerospace, Candy Chatawanich.

"It means for me, that actually what we are doing today is something that we are doing for tomorrow," added Honeywell Communication Director, Crisis, Reputation and Labor, Graham Campbell.

"To me, the impact of being a Futureshaper at Honeywell is that we can leave what we're doing better than we found it," explained Honeywell Principal Account Manager, Aerospace, Jill Brown.

Connected through a common purpose

Honeywell Futureshapers are thinkers, dreamers, doers and innovators.

Connected through a common purpose of innovation and responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future, they are committed to protecting the environment, Honeywell's people and the communities where they live and work.

Honeywell Futureshapers help make the world a better place today and for the future.

Honeywell is a best workplace to grow a career

Fueled by unique LinkedIn data, the methodology analyzes various facets of career progression such as promotion rates, skill development and more among employees at each company. The honorees are proving investment in employee experience, something that is vital in today’s workplaces.

Whether it’s launching upskilling initiatives or offering flexible working arrangements, the LinkedIn Top Companies are leading the way in not only attracting workers, but retaining them in the ever-changing world of work.

More than just a ranking, the list also provides actionable insights on the roles, skills and functions in demand at each company.

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