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DHL has many exciting roles available in e-Commerce

 May 03, 2024

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Connecting people and improving lives means DHL employees are always doing meaningful work.

Meet DHL Supply Chain Vice President of Operations, Angela Howard, who works within the retail and consumer areas of the business. Having worked with DHL for 28 years, Angela understands the importance of logistics and harnessing the latest technology to undertake work faster and with more accuracy.

Angela shares that a career with DHL Supply Chain's e-Commerce business is perfect for people who are agile and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

A need for speed and pace when working in e-commerce

DHL's e-Commerce business is a world leader in both domestic and international parcel delivery, helping businesses grow within and beyond borders.

Angela explains that she works within the omnichannel stream of DHL Supply Chain's e-Commerce business, which is multistream. She is involved in looking after ecom parcels to the store, to wholesalers, and to the customers.

"And with that, over time, has come a sense of a need for speed and pace. So it's become really important that we become really agile in our warehouses and that we have all the latest lead technology to be able to do that faster, quicker and more accurately," explains Angela.

Importance of agility and enjoyment of a fast-paced environment

DHL is a fantastic place to develop a career. The company has worked hard to create an environment where every individual can keep learning, keep growing, and can enjoy a rewarding long-term career.

Angela shares that the type of people DHL looks for to work within its e-Commerce team is "somebody that loves that fast-paced environment, that likes to get involved with technology and innovation, that likes to have some pride about getting that customer parcel to the customer." 

Embark on an exciting e-commerce career with DHL

DHL explores fresh ideas and exciting ways to extend its business in different directions.

In a global business like DHL's, the career pathways are endless.


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