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WTW's Jing Climacosa reflects on her impressive long-term career

 May 21, 2024

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WTW is committed to providing its colleagues with the ability to plan for the future and offers an extraordinary range of opportunities for professional development and career growth, depending on individual needs and interests. As such, WTW is a great place to embark on a long-term career.

Meet WTW Director, Manila Investments, Jing Climacosa. Jing has reflected on the growth opportunities she has enjoyed throughout her 21-year career journey with WTW, and how the wellbeing of colleagues has always been a key focal point.

"I have always had opportunities to grow here in WTW," says Jing.

Opportunities for career growth with WTW

Jing has always been open to putting her hand up if there is a new assignment or if there is a new work or a project to be involved in.

"I have been blessed with so many opportunities to do that. So boredom, I guess, never settled in," says Jing.

A focus on colleague wellbeing

Jing shares that over the 21 years working for WTW, she has enjoyed working with her colleagues where there is an emphasis on the wellbeing of each individual.

"Obviously, in the 21 years there has been a lot of turnover, people come and go. But the one thing for me that's constant is how the leadership has not changed in terms of the focus on colleague wellbeing," attests Jing. "That is something that I felt when I was starting as an assistant at the time. And now that I am myself in a leadership position, it's reinforcing that the genuine care that the company has for its colleagues, it's real, and it's something that I feel, and is something that is top of mind all the time."

Exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth

WTW uses its know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and fuel potential. WTW has a highly engaging and innovative culture where colleagues are empowered to achieve the best possible results throughout their WTW career.

WTW's colleagues serve more than 140 countries around the world, from Mumbai to London, the Middle East to Latin America and from Manila to New York. There is a global dimension to almost everything WTW does, creating exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Looking for a long-term career at a progressive company?

WTW's colleagues take responsibility for developing their expertise, while the company invests in the tools and opportunities that allow for continual development.

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