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AECOMs Gauri Varshney supports her vibrant community

AECOM's Gauri Varshney supports her vibrant community

 May 28, 2024

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AECOM is committed to building diverse teams through inclusive recruitment efforts and holding leaders accountable for its commitments.

Marking Asian and Pacific American Heritage Month, AECOM spotlighted its Strategy+ Associate and Treasurer, Gauri Varshney.

Gauri discusses her role in leading AECOM's MOSAIC Employee Resource Group (ERG), and how initiatives with AECOM's MOSAIC help create a more inclusive workspace.

Through AECOM's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), AECOM expands understanding among its employees and cultivates a safe and respectful environment. Supportive events also help create dialogue, plus the company delivers unconscious bias training, flexible working options and family-friendly benefits.

AECOM's ERGs ensure diverse perspectives are represented, and heard, to impact policies and business outcomes. They also help AECOM;'s employees network, grow their careers, and take part in community outreach.

Bringing together talented individuals from diverse backgrounds

As a proud leader within AECOM's MOSAIC ERG, Gauri has the opportunity to help support her vibrant community.

"MOSAIC brings together talented individuals from diverse backgrounds across Asia and the Pacific Islands, spanning various professional fields," says Gauri.

Creating a more inclusive workplace

Inspired by Kalpana Chawla’s wisdom that the journey matters as much as the goal, Gauri has witnessed the transformative power of small steps within MOSAIC.

"Each initiative, event, and collaboration contributes to creating a more inclusive workplace. Over the past two years, I’ve had the honor of leading events that encompass all four crucial aspects: Culture, Community, Career, and Commerce,” says Gauri.

AECOM ensures diverse perspectives are represented and heard

AECOM cultivates a work environment that is safe and respectful, where everyone is empowered to bring their unique talents, backgrounds, and expertise.

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