Honeywell Senior Sustainability Engineer attests to great support

Honeywell Senior Sustainability Engineer attests to great support

 June 11, 2024

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Inclusion and diversity is a foundational principle at Honeywell, both because it’s the right thing to do and because it is a fundamental enabler for the business.

Honeywell actively recruits, develops and retains talent from diverse backgrounds and cultures who bring different experiences, perspectives, abilities and ideas.

Employee networks are one of the ways Honeywell fosters an inclusive environment in which all employees feel valued, respected and accepted.

Creating an inclusive workplace culture

Honeywell employee networks are designed to support a more diverse and inclusive workplace, enhance engagement, and strengthen the culture of the company.

These networks are open to all employees and help create a workplace culture of collaboration and belonging, enabling everyone to share and learn from one another and fully contribute at work and in the community in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Supporting women's advancement

One of these employee networks is the Women’s Employee Network, which drives initiatives to attract, retain, develop and advance women employees in Honeywell.

Meet Honeywell Futureshaper Lindsey Rossi, a Senior Sustainability Engineer, who has greatly benefited from her involvement in Honeywell's Women’s Employee Network.

Lindsey shares how being a part of the Women’s Employee Network has helped her bring her best self to work and flex her leadership skills. "I do believe that I can be my authentic self at work. I will say that my employee networks or the Women's Network did get me to that place, and it really allowed me to network with women leaders that I wouldn't normally get to meet on a daily basis. It also allowed me to flex my leadership skills and push myself out of comfort zone," explains Lindsey.

Enjoy an inclusive workplace culture at Honeywell

Employee networks are one of many ways Honeywell empowers women to be their best selves at work.

Work for Honeywell and become a Futureshaper. Honeywell employees are committed to solving social and environmental challenges and making impactful changes in the communities where they live and work.

Join this prime employer for women.


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