Honeywell employees share why diversity is important

Honeywell employees share why diversity is important

 February 24, 2020

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Diversity is critical to Honeywell’s continued success in solving business and to tackling world problems. Hear from Honeywell employees on why diversity is important to them.

Aaryn Gloster, Software Engineer

Honeywell software engineer Aaryn

"We’re able to come up with solutions that we wouldn’t otherwise have come up with if it was just one type of mindset. Having people from all different walks of life is very important."

Nicole James, Senior Director of Software Products

Honeywell software director Nicole

'It's very important for me to be in a role where I can influence how corporations hire and also be an example that women of color and women in general can make it to the higher levels in big corporations."

Casey Moore, Marketing Specialist

Honeywell marketing pro Casey

"Working in an environment where diverse backgrounds, perspectives, experiences and cultures are valued gives me energy and inspires me to do my best work every day."

Rita Ezeugwu, Mechanical Engineer

Honeywell engineer Rita

"Diversity is integral to Honeywell’s culture because it is the source of different ideas that promotes open-mindedness and innovation."

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