Equality is essential to the way Honeywell works

Equality is essential to the way Honeywell works

 March 10, 2022

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Equality is essential to the way Honeywell works, which is why they’re committed to challenging gender bias.

In honor of International Women’s Day, Honeywell Futureshaper team members discussed how they’ve committed to #BreakTheBias.

Committed to challenging gender bias

Pilar Rugerio, a Honeywell computer engineer in San Luis Potosí, Mexico dedicated to wireless networks, imagines a world without gender discrimination and bias, and envisions more women pursuing careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Kim Jackson, Honeywell global business resilience leader based in Atlanta, encourages woman to push through biases by identifying allies who can advocate for others when they cannot advocate for themselves.

Harriet Mountcastle-Walsh, Honeywell Aerospace vice president and general counsel in Phoenix, believes women around the world have to fight biases, barriers and expectations to succeed. 

Nadine Bent-Russell, a Honeywell user experience program manager in Atlanta, says women generally bring a unique perspective to ways of working that are organic to Agile approaches.

Sweta Sharma, Honeywell senior data architect in Bangalore India, feels it is important to challenge gender bias because it provides women with a fair chance in work and in life and creates a path for future generations.

Beth Carter, a Honeywell sustainable technology senior business leader in Des Plaines, Illinois, says she and her partner are showing the world it's possible for women to rock it as engineers and business leaders, normalizing diversity and smashing stereotypes along the way.

Melissa Nelson, a Honeywell senior quality engineering manager, challenges gender bias in her field as she believes we can all bring something unique to the table based on our skills, knowledge and experiences which should not be based on race, sex, national origin, creed or color but on our talents and merit.  

Ashley Fiore, a Honeywell operational excellence senior director, says people can and will surprise you because when you bring in your own biases, you are cutting yourself off from seeing new possibilities and future innovations, and are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

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