Celebrating Honeywell engineers on Women in Engineering Day

Celebrating Honeywell engineers on Women in Engineering Day

 June 23, 2022

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Ready to get inspired by the women who are tackling tough challenges every day at Honeywell?

At the core, engineers are problem solvers and inventors. In some cases, they are also pioneers. 

In honor of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), meet some of the women who are engineers at Honeywell. 

Meet Honeywell Director of Engineering Solutions, Christie Newsome

“I enjoy building technical teams, helping people break down large problems into manageable pieces and supporting individuals in their career development,” Christie Newsome [pictured above] comments. 

Meet Honeywell Software Engineer, Cinthya Tang

Honeywell Cynthia Tang

Cinthya works on computers for the International Space Station and on human spacecrafts going to Mars. 

“Women are fully capable of doing things themselves and taking care of themselves and getting something done,” says Cinthya.

Meet Honeywell Senior Research & Development Scientist, Amanda Childers

Honeywell Amanda Childers

“Being able to see yourself in a role is so important, not only to women, but also to people of color and people from different backgrounds. Companies and society as a whole benefit when we have a larger talent pool from which to draw," explains Amanda

Meet Honeywell Lead Research & Development Engineer, Angela Xu

Angela Xu, Honeywell

"Being an engineer allows me to always explore the unknown and is full of challenges. That brings me joy and sense of achievement," says Angela

Meet Honeywell Advanced Embedded Engineer, Daniela Ortiz Monasterio

Honeywell Daniela Ortiz Monasterio

Daniela is a multi-skilled engineer with experience working in areas such as: testing, firmware development, DevOps, artificial intelligence and R&D.

Daniela has had the opportunity to lead projects and give multiple presentations to global and local leadership.

Meet Honeywell Scientist & Lead Research & Design Engineer, Ese Jeroro

Ese Jeroro Honeywell

Ese's daily activities consist of brainstorming ideas and planning experiments with other team members, delegating tasks and reviewing results to determine the next steps. Sharing her advice, Ese says, "Be confident, even if you have to fake it. It is not about pretending you’re something you’re not; it’s being able to clearly articulate what you bring to the table."

Meet Honeywell Principal System Engineer, Kathy Li

Kathy Li Honeywell

Kathy directs technical discussions and is the technical decision authority over the system architecture design.

"Don’t think you are not as good as a man. Be aggressive in reaching your goals and work smarter, not harder," she advises. 

Join these talented engineers at Honeywell

Honeywell is connected to its common purpose of innovation and creating exceptional technologies with a responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future. 

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