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WTW supports econometrics and actuarial sciences students

WTW supports econometrics and actuarial sciences students

 July 03, 2022

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WTW believes that similarities unite people and differences make everyone stronger. With more than 45,000 colleagues worldwide, WTW's success is built on inclusion, diversity and teamwork.

WTW colleagues in Spain spent a day supporting a group of Dutch students who were wanting to learn more about Econometrics and Actuarial Sciences, how WTW works as an organization, and understand its global business. The interaction provided a useful opportunity for WTW colleagues and students to come together to discuss different perspectives and visions.

WTW colleagues share diverse perspectives

WTW creates clarity and confidence today for a more sustainable tomorrow. And its values are more than words. They frame WTW's approaches and ways of working, and living them day-to-day drives its success.

The company uses its know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and fuel potential. This makes for a highly engaging and innovative culture, and one where its colleagues are empowered to achieve the best possible results, for each other and for its clients.

A supportive employer

WTW brings innovative solutions and world-class advice to its clients by working across boundaries of business, geography and function. Employees help each other succeed and create more value together.

The organization provides an extraordinary range of opportunities for professional development and career growth, depending on individual needs and interests, and recognition of those who go above and beyond in demonstrating its values or delivering outstanding work.

Join a company that is constantly innovating for the benefit of its clients and colleagues

WTW is committed to developing a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is respected, valued and appreciated.

Learn more about the career opportunities with WTW and forge a path for success.


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