Jana Bacinska is a Honeywell User Experience Design Manager

 December 05, 2022

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Meet Honeywell futureshaper Jana Bacinska.

Jana is a User Experience Design Manager who studied clothing design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Jana uses that experience in her current role for Honeywell, in which she designs safety clothing, gloves and harnesses that help protect workers in all kinds of hazardous environments. 

Working on new and exciting projects

When asked what excites her about going to work every day, Jana explains: “I am never bored. There are always new and exciting projects and I get to work with great colleagues that inspire me. “

Looking at the qualities a futureshaper possesses, Jana says: “A futureshaper sees what others can’t and is willing to do anything to make it happen.”

And her advice for anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps? “Don’t be afraid of being different, although it may sometimes feel difficult.”

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