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Maja Kruczkowska sees great internal mobility options in WTW

Maja Kruczkowska sees great internal mobility options in WTW

 January 03, 2023

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WTW Senior Associate, Business Continuity, Maja Kruczkowska has been at WTW for over 15 years.

Thanks to WTW’s internal mobility, she’s excited to move into a new role at WTW, and develop new skills in a different field.

"My career journey is a testament to WTW values. Our values are not only words on a company website, but what we really are as a business," says Maja.

Tackling challenges, fuelling potential

Working with WTW is a chance to push into the unknown, the never before and the new. The company uses its know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and fuel potential. This makes for a highly engaging and innovative culture, and one where WTW colleagues are empowered to achieve the best possible results, for each other and for WTW's clients.

WTW's values are more than words. They frame the company's approaches and ways of working, and living them day-to-day drives success.

A strong client focus, an emphasis on teamwork, unwavering integrity, mutual respect and a constant striving for excellence are at the core of WTW's rich history.

  • Client focus - WTW is driven to help its clients succeed. In every interaction and with every solution, WTW acts in its clients’ best interests, striving to understand their needs, respecting their perspectives and exceeding their expectations
  • Teamwork - When you get one WTW employee, you get all WTW employees. WTW brings innovative solutions and world-class advice to its clients by working across boundaries of business, geography and function. WTW employees helps each other succeed and create more value by working together

  • Integrity - WTW's clients invest more than their time and money with the company, they also invest their trust. WTW seeks to earn that trust every day through professionalism, doing what is right and telling the truth. WTW is accountable to the organizations and people with which it interacts, including clients, shareholders, regulators and each other for actions and results

  • Respect - WTW employees listen to and learn from each other. WTW supports and celebrates differences, fosters an inclusive culture and operates with openness, honesty and benefit of the doubt. WTW manages its relationships, inside the company and out, with fairness, decency and good citizenship

  • Excellence - WTW strives to lead and sustain excellence. Most importantly, this means an unwavering commitment to professional development and personal growth for its people. WTW's colleagues take responsibility to develop their expertise, competencies and professional stature, while the company invests in the tools and opportunities that allow for continual development. In business, WTW places an unrelenting focus on innovation, quality and risk management

Develop new skills in different fields at WTW

WTW has exciting internal mobility opportunities for talented people to build and further their careers, as well as collaborate and grow.

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