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Emma Hanson and Katie Phillips job share at WTW

Emma Hanson and Katie Phillips job share at WTW

 January 24, 2023

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WTW's company culture encourages flexible working tailored to the needs of employees.

Emma Hanson and Katie Phillips both work in Talent Acquisition, sharing the same Recruiter role that focuses on WTW's corporate segment. As mothers, job sharing enables them to spend more time with their family, but it also benefits their clients.

Emma and Kate describe one of WTW's bold approaches to work, and their thoughts on how to work effectively in a job-share role within Talent Acquisition.

Sharing the same role at WTW

Prior to working at WTW, Emma worked in HR at Emirates in Dubai UAE. Emma was an expat for over 11 years before her and her family relocated back to England in 2019, and COVID-19 hit.  

Meanwhile, Katie's first role at WTW was as a Recruiter for the company's Technology and Administration Solutions line of business. After an extended maternity leave break for 13 months, Katie decided she wanted to balance motherhood and her career. Katie's line manager and HR partner fully supported her desire to return to work part-time, which led to the decision to job share with Emma.

Now, Emma works three days a week - Monday, Tuesday, and Friday - while Katie works the other two days of the week. "This ensures that the full week is covered for our clients and stakeholders," explains Katie.

Enjoying a hybrid way of working

Kate and Emma are both hybrid workers, which Emma "absolutely loves". 

"I usually work from home, but sometimes go into the office if something must be done in person, if myself and Katie have scheduled cross-over days booked in, or if I just fancy a change of scenery. I love the flexibility at WTW and being able to manage my own time and workload effectively," explains Emma.

Katie usually works one day at home and the other in the office as she enjoys the combination of both. Katie values going into the office and having that face-to-face interaction with colleagues and stakeholders 

Balancing work and family life

With a very busy family and two young boys, working three days a week gives Emma the ability, both mentally and physically, to focus on them while they are still young, but to also have a career in an area that she loves.

"I get the best of both worlds. Working part time also allows me to do lots of volunteering at my children’s school which I’m very passionate about," adds Emma.

Working as part of a job share also enables Katie to spend time quality time with her young son and maintain a career. 

"On my days off, I am able to take my son to toddler classes and spend time with other parents, which I feel is so key for both my son’s development and my own journey and development as a first-time parent. It is a fantastic mix of work and family life," explains Katie.

Maintaining successful communication

Communication is absolutely key to ensure Emma and Katie's tasks are completed effectively.

"Our managers and clients shouldn’t notice a difference dealing with either one of us; hopefully being on the same page at all times. We religiously do a handover to each other to ensure were both up to speed with projects as things progress," explains Emma.

"Along with our regular handovers, we also ensure that we are both copied in on all emails so that we are both kept in the loop and there is no duplication of tasks," adds Katie.

Advocating for flexible working

Emma has strong views about flexibility in the workplace and the positive benefits that it brings. Emma was very happy to see such an excellent company and role aligned to this.

"With a job share partner, it gives great peace of mind to know that work is being taken care of on the days you’re not working," comments Emma. 

Katie feels so grateful to have been given the opportunity to continue her career on a part-time basis, within a company that she really enjoys working for.

"It shows that WTW is an advocate for flexible working, which I feel is so important in an ever-changing and evolving employment market," adds Katie.

Inspired by Emma and Katie's experiences? 

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