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WTW volunteers with Harlem Grown to help empower youth

WTW volunteers with Harlem Grown to help empower youth

 February 02, 2023

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WTW recognizes that a big part of being a good corporate citizen is caring about communities and taking steps to help reinvest in and strengthen them now and for the future.

This commitment saw colleagues from WTW's New York team, including CEO Carl Hess, volunteer at charity Harlem Grown.

An independent, non-profit organization, Harlem Grown's mission is to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability and nutrition.

Creating sustainable change in communities 

Harlem Grown is located in the heart of Harlem, a neighborhood in Upper Manhattan, New York City, USA. 

Since 2011, Harlem Grown has operated local urban farms, increased access to and knowledge of healthy food for Harlem residents, and provided garden-based development programs to Harlem youth. 

Based on the concept that food justice is more than just providing and distributing food, Harlem Grown's model seeks to positively impact the entire community through mentorship, education, and partnerships to create sustainable change. 

One of the many ways Harlem Grown fulfills its mission is by raising support for the physical renovation of abandoned lots in Harlem, transforming them into thriving urban farms. The organization's urban agriculture facilities range from soil-based farms, hydroponic greenhouses and school gardens.

Providing community support

WTW strengthens its communities through philanthropic activities, including matching gifts and volunteer day programs that provide WTW colleagues with paid opportunities to volunteer their time and amplify their charitable giving through gift matching.

WTW's philanthropy outlets include:

  • Business and office giving - WTW local business leaders are empowered to support charities.
  • Matching gifts - WTW matches the donations of individual colleagues up to $2,500 cumulatively per year to charitable causes.
  • Volunteer day - WTW supports colleagues who donate their time and talent by offering one paid day per calendar year for volunteering with an organization that supports and enhances its communities.
  • Informatiopn sharing - WTW colleagues share how they are making a difference in their communities through a forum on the WTW intranet.

Working at WTW means making a positive community impact

WTW understands that people are bolder together, which is why the company encourages employees to collaborate on community projects and make an impact beyond their careers.

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