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AECOM teams collaborate to deliver a transformational year

AECOM teams collaborate to deliver a transformational year

 February 02, 2023

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AECOM has released its 2022 Annual Report, which highlights a transformational year for the company that is a sustainable, progressive employer that champions inclusion and diversity. 

"In 2022, our teams collaborated and innovated more than ever before—delivering a transformational year. Read our 2022 Annual Report to learn how we invested in our people, extended client relationships and expanded our digital capabilities. #ThinkAndActGlobally," commented AECOM

Think and Act Globally 

AECOM Annual report

AECOM's Think and Act Globally strategy integrates four key pillars focused on developing its people and teams’ expertise and impact on each of its projects around the world:

  • Investing in its people - AECOM is working to be the best in its industry - a place where people are welcomed, trusted and empowered to solve its clients’ most complex challenges
  • Extending client relationships - AECOM is driving growth in its core and emerging markets by leveraging its global talent and unrivaled technical expertise to nurture long-term client relationships
  • Transforming how it works - AECOM is using technology to design more flexible ways of working, and to further enable digital project delivery that improves the client experience and increases efficiency
  • Leading in Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) - AECOM is leading the change toward a more sustainable and equitable future through its own operational commitments, and by helping its clients

Investing in its people

The report addresses how AECOM attracts top talent and inspires its people through a culture of collaboration and opportunity. This includes investing in its people and programs that enrich employee experience and success.

AECOM forges a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion - while continuously advancing its flexible work program, employee healthcare benefits, and personal and professional development programs.

Transforming how it works

AECOM sees progressive hybrid working approaches that are powered by investments in enabling technology, the adoption of new digital tools and processes, and the ongoing creation of a culture where good ideas can be developed and implemented. And this drives new and more efficient ways of working - breaking down geographic and organizational boundaries, and creating competitive advantage.

Leading in ESG

AECOM's approach to leading in ESG comes to life through its Sustainable Legacies strategy, which is organized around the following four pillars:

  • Achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 - AECOM has furthered its own carbon emissions goals by achieving operational net zero for fiscal 2021, while also committing to reach science-based net zero carbon emissions by 2040.
  • Embed sustainable development and resilience across its work - AECOM introduced ScopeXTM, a first-of-its-kind approach with the goal of reducing carbon impact on major projects by at least 50%. It also embedded net zero, resilience and social value targets into its client account management program.
  • Improve social outcomes  - AECOM believes equity, diversity and inclusion enable better outcomes for clients, a deeper understanding of community challenges and more innovative solutions that propel the industry forward. As part of this pledge, AECOM has set an industry-leading, near-term target of women comprising at least 20% of senior leadership roles and at least 35% of the overall workforce. In addition, AECOM has implemented new required unconscious bias training and set specific targets within each of its regions to advance its equity, diversity and inclusion goals.
  • Enhance governance - To better assess ESG risk factors in potential projects, AECOM has deployed an enterprise framework supported by leadership accountability and advocacy through the audit of specific ESG targets and metrics on an annual basis

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