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WTW Director Rebecca Warnken explains the Great Return

WTW Director Rebecca Warnken explains the Great Return

 March 23, 2023

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WTW Senior Director, Health & Benefits, Rebecca Warnken discusses the Great Return and how employers can best support employees returning into the office.

Providing more opportunities for career growth

Rebecca highlights that a significant number of employees think that onsite work provides more opportunities for career growth.

WTW surveys reveal that 44 per cent of employees worry that working remotely is detrimental to their career development opportunities. This concern is heightened among workers with disabilities and neurodevelopmental issues as well as younger employees.

"Balancing the needs of remote, hybrid and onsite workers has left many employers feeling overwhelmed. Here are four ways to help make onsite work attractive and convenient," shares Rebecca. 

  • Use listening strategies
    Employee listening tools, such as pulse surveys and virtual focus groups, can provide clear understanding of your employees’ perspectives. Only employees can explain their specific needs. "This approach enables you to stimulate employee engagement and get actionable insights about steps you can take to make office work more attractive," says Rebecca.

  • Examine current offerings
    Review existing programs to see if they support the entire workforce and if the people value and use them. "What are the current utilization and performance rates? Are employees aware of the benefits available to them? What are the possible barriers and how can you overcome them?" questions Rebecca.

  • Evaluate the wellbeing strategy from an onsite experience perspective
    Onsite resources and services — once just a perk in the wellbeing strategy — are now elevated to a critical area of focus. "Now may be the time to refresh your wellbeing strategy. As you evaluate whether your wellbeing offering provides value to all employees and caters to their changing needs, reflect on whether it integrates throughout your human capital strategy and connects to your evolving corporate culture," shares Rebecca. 

  • Ensure inclusive and equitable offerings
    Review benefits from a diversity, equity, and inclusion perspective. "Make sure that they are fair, inclusive, and equitable for the entire workforce, no matter where they are working. Also, address your workers’ diverse needs and preferences for safe and productive onsite work," explains Rebecca. 

Unique experiences and challenges shape needs 

"Individual employees have their own unique experiences and challenges that shape their ever-changing needs.

Listen to their voices, examine your wellbeing strategy, and make sure that you are offering inclusive and equitable benefits," concludes Rebecca. 

WTW offers a hybrid workplace environment 

WTW offers a plethora of working options suited to the individual. 

Join WTW and enjoy a workplace culture that actively supports its employees. 

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