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WTW Mexico is a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality

WTW Mexico is a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality

 April 28, 2023

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WTW is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard, respected, and valued for who they are. The company believes that building diverse teams helps to make better decisions, be more creative, and improve WTW's ability to overcome complex problems.

WTW is recognized by HRC Equidad Mexico as one of the Best Places to Work for the LGBTQ+ Equality. This award represents WTW's inclusive environment, where everyone is welcomed and valued.

Helping employers to become LGBTQ+ inclusive

HRC's Equidad Mexico's Report is a first-of-its-kind assessment designed to increase LGBTQ+ inclusion in workplaces across Mexico. Since its inception in 2016, the pioneering HRC Equidad MX: Global Workplace Equality Program has experienced outstanding success in promoting LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion among Mexican businesses and corporations. The initiative was designed to help employers become LGBTQ+ inclusive by assessing corporate practices and policies through its annual survey.

The results of the HRC Equidad MX Report attest to the unprecedented growth of the program; a record number of companies were recognized with the HRC Foundation's designation of Best Places to Work for the LGBTQ+ Equality or Mejores Lugares para Trabajar LGBT, reflecting their ongoing commitment to LGBTQ+ equality and adoption of vital policies for LGBTQ+ employees.

The Mexico-based initiative, inspired by HRC's annual Corporate Equality Index (CEI), the national leading benchmarking tool on corporate LGBTQ+ inclusive policies and practices, is HRC's first in-country program in Latin America which led to the creation of HRC Equidad CL and HRC Equidad AR, as well as HRC Equidade BR, additional workplace equality programs to promote workplace inclusion in Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

A commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusion

In the sixth edition of HRC Equidad MX, 252 companies earned a score of 100. In addition to the commitment of companies that have participated in previous years, this year 32 new companies have participated. 87 participating companies are on the list of Las 500 Empresas Expansión 2022, and of these 87, 76 scored a 100 on the report. The number of people who benefited from the program grew from approximately 1.2 million to 1.4 million, showing a 15 per cent growth.

The HRC Equidad MX survey assessed major Mexican businesses and multinational companies based on four core pillars of LGBTQ+ inclusion:

  • adoption of non-discrimination policies
  • creation of employee resource groups or diversity and inclusion councils
  • LGBTQ+ training and education
  • engagement in public activities to support LGBTQ+ inclusion

Creating an inclusive and diverse work environment

WTW provides data-driven, insight-led solutions in the areas of people, risk and capital to propel the world’s leading businesses forward. The company fuses its passion, intelligence and imagination to make real impact. WTW's colleagues serve more than 140 countries around the world, from Mumbai to London, the Middle East to Latin America and from Manila to New York. There is a global dimension to almost everything that WTW does, creating exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

To thrive in this changing world, organizations need to adopt a healthy company culture, where inclusion and diversity (I&D) is steeped in the talent experience, and employees bring their best selves to work, collaborating, ideating and helping to increase overall engagement, productivity, financial results and employee wellbeing.

Championing a safe and secure workplace

Beyond legislative and regulatory requirements, fostering a healthy company culture is imperative. WTW helps business to create or enhance a culture and supporting programs that are built on mutual respect and trust, purpose and values, an inclusive and diverse work environment and a safe and secure workplace, where colleagues can experience a sense of self-respect, pride and self-worth (also known as workplace dignity).

Organizations that realize the true impact of an inclusive and diverse workforce have an opportunity to reflect on their current talent experience and overall talent value proposition. WTW helps organizations move far beyond compliance by taking a closer look at how it fosters inclusion and diversity efforts through the lens of purpose, work, people and total rewards.

Embark on a successful career with an employer championing LGBTQ+ equality

WTW is committed to developing a diverse workforce and forging an inclusive work environment where everyone is respected.

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