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WTW colleagues fundraise, taking part in Milano Marathon

WTW colleagues fundraise, taking part in Milano Marathon

 May 17, 2023

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Want to join a company that prioritizes employee wellbeing?

WTW's people are its superpower, with a group of colleagues in Italy having recently participated in the Milano Marathon – a fundraising race stretching over 42 kilometers. 

"Our team ran for a great cause during the Lenovo Relay Marathon 2023 in Milan. We're proud to have done our part in supporting this charity, and we want to thank all our colleagues who participated and made this success possible. Our commitment and determination brought us to the finish line and allowed us to raise significant funds for those in need. We're thrilled to have made a difference together and can't wait to participate in the next charitable initiative!" commented WTW.

A modern and complete route

WTW Milano Marathon

For many years now, Milano has been the fastest marathon in Italy and among the fastest on the international scene (the fastest in the world in the year 2021); every year many runners achieve their personal best in Milan.

Completely renewed from the 2015 edition, Milano Marathon loop course – starts and finishes in the heart of the city centre in the Giardini Montanelli Park – and has improved in detail, year after year, to offer all runners a modern and complete route that actually reconciles the top runners and advanced amateurs’ needs for a flowing course with the possibility of admiring and enjoying a city that is increasingly beautiful in its combination of historical and contemporary elements.

Opportunities for collaboration and growth

WTW colleagues serve more than 140 countries around the world, from Mumbai to London, the Middle East to Latin America and from Manila to New York.

There is a global dimension to almost everything WTW does, which creates exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

WTW supports its employees mental wellbeing 

Employee wellbeing is key in creating a calm and supportive work environment. 

WTW values its colleagues and ensures they feel heard.

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