Honeywells Sampada Bokade celebrates accomplishments

Honeywell's Sampada Bokade celebrates accomplishments

 May 24, 2023

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Meet Sampada Bokade, an Intellectual Property Supervisor for Honeywell. 

Sampada is shifting today’s technologies to more sustainable solutions.

Intellectual property in sustainable energy and oil and gas industries is changing rapidly, thanks in part to Sampada. Each day, she and her team are tackling possible intellectual property (IP) roadblocks and identifying potential solutions, which can ultimately lead to new technologies and products.

Fostering advancements in sustainable technologies

Sampada has fostered advancements in sustainable technologies including Carbon Capture and Ecofining™ renewable fuel.

Whether it’s a small or large initiative, Sampada believes in celebrating every accomplishment. To her, every experience is an opportunity to become your best self and do better for others.

Making the world a better place 

As thinkers, dreamers, doers and innovators, Honeywell Futureshapers are helping make the world a better place today and for the future across industries and around the globe.

Enjoy exciting opportunities at Honeywell 

A career at Honeywell means being encouraged to achieve and accomplish. 

If working on exciting projects and developing self-belief appeals, then check out the latest job vacancies at Honeywell. 


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