Top employer Honeywell marks Military Appreciation Month

Top employer Honeywell marks Military Appreciation Month

 May 24, 2023

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Honeywell's veteran employees are the thread of the company. From the front lines to the skies, Honeywell stands proudly with its military members.

"Our veteran employees are the thread of our company. This Military Appreciation Month, and always, we celebrate our workers who have served," says Honeywell.

Meet Honeywell Quality Insurance Inspector, Shundra Kufner, who entered the navy in 1989.

Here, Shundra shares her military experience shaped her career and how she brings the skills from the military into her role with Honeywell.

Diverse workforce contributing to the mission

Like Honeywell, the military has a global mission and a diverse workforce.

"We're kind of a big military family here, it's like having a bunch of brothers and sisters here," says Shundra.

Military people are good thinkers with exceptional problem solving skills.

"Quality is something that I was taught in the military, and it transcended over to the surveying sector and manufacturing," explains Shundra.

Many Honeywell Futureshapers have a military background

Honeywell Futureshapers bring their ideas, passions and entrepreneurial drive to solve customer and societal challenges to transform the world. They are connected to the common purpose of innovation and creating exceptional technologies with a responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future.

At Honeywell, everyone's work makes an impact. For example, every five seconds somewhere in the world, a plane lands with a Honeywell wheel and break on it, and peoples lives depend upon those. This is something that is bigger than everyone.

Honeywell is proud to recognize its veteran employees

Honeywell Futuershapers apply their best self to thrive professionally, and to relentlessly accomplish challenging work across a range of industries.

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