Honeywells Prudence Hoffman forges renewable energy adoption

Honeywell's Prudence Hoffman forges renewable energy adoption

 July 10, 2024

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Meet Prudence Hoffman, a Senior Application/Systems Sales Engineering Manager at Honeywell.

Prudence is enabling a future of high renewable energy adoption.

Coach, mentor, and leader

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Prudence wants her children and grandchildren to look at her career and be proud of the contributions she has made.

It was her family that inspired her to step away from a career in the petrochemical field and step into the world of renewable energy. 

At Honeywell, Prudence takes on the role as coach, mentor, and leader as she supports the energy transition through Honeywell technologies.

So what keeps Prudence going? It's a quote that she chooses to lives by: “Be curious and be brave.”

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