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WTW Lead Consultant Ingrid Chiu enjoys hybrid working

WTW Lead Consultant Ingrid Chiu enjoys hybrid working

 June 26, 2023

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What kind of work setting do you prefer?

WTW Lead Consultant, Ingrid Chiu, believes that a hybrid arrangement is the perfect means for her to maintain a balance between her work and personal life.

Creating the perfect balance 

"I choose to go into the office two days a week and work from home two days a week," shares Ingrid. 

"This creates a perfect balance for connecting with colleagues and having in-person meetings, and being able to fully focus in the quiet of my home when need."

Enjoy the benefits of a hybrid working arrangement

WTW employees benefit from the company's flexible career opportunities. This helps ensure a healthy work/life balance. 

Sound like the ideal company?

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