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Award-winning employer WTW makes Forbes Global 2000 list

Award-winning employer WTW makes Forbes Global 2000 list

 June 27, 2023

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WTW is applauded for its impressive commitment to inclusion and diversity, having been included on the Forbes Global 2000 list of the largest companies.

Ranking the largest companies in the world 

The Global 2000 ranks the largest companies in the world using four metrics: sales, profits, assets and market value.

As a group, the companies on the 2023 list account for $50.8 trillion in sales, $4.4 trillion in profits, $231 trillion in assets and $74 trillion in market value. Cumulative profits, assets and market value are all down slightly from last year, though this is the first time total revenue has surpassed $50 trillion.

There are 58 countries represented by the publicly traded companies on the list.

The U.S. leads the way with 611 companies on the ranking, and China comes in second with 346 Global 2000 companies.

WTW is an inclusive employer 

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