Dannyell Mitchell is a Honeywell Global Strategic Accounts Director

Dannyell Mitchell is a Honeywell Global Strategic Accounts Director

 August 31, 2023

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Dannyell Mitchell is a Director of Global Strategic Accounts for Honeywell, and her career path with Honeywell is highly impressive.

As a global leader, Honeywell strives to support its customers offering directional alignment on innovative initiatives across their footprint. So, in her role as Director Global Strategic Accounts, Dannyell Mitchell serves as a global partner to Honeywell's customers.

Through her work, Dannyell assists Honeywell's customers in pursuing corporate initiatives, and she builds relationships cross-functionally both internally and externally to Honeywell.

"In my role, I'm required to understand Honeywell's customers' global business goals and objectives, so we can bring them highly customized solutions to support their success," explains Dannyell.

"Honeywell is an industry leader, focused on energy and climate transition solutions. We offer a range of ready-now solutions to help organizations manage their environmental impact. For example, we support efforts to make buildings more sustainable, safer and occupant focused," says Dannyell.

Dannyell understands the importance of highlighting achievements

Some of the best advice that Dannyell has ever received was from a friend who said: "It is not who you know, but who knows what you do."

Dannyell feels this wisdom has been instrumental in helping her escalate her career advancement within Honeywell.

"Each promotion I have received, I have been tapped for advancement. I am most proud of the recognition I received for being one of the top three salespersons, and the only woman, to achieve top honors for our customer adoption of a break-through initiative. I was the first to secure a customer pilot, and ultimately customer sale, of our software platform geared toward small and medium businesses. Ultimately, I was charged by our business unit leadership to serve as a role model for selling the offering," reflects Dannyell.

Grateful for ongoing support from Honeywell managers

During her time with Honeywell, Dannyell says she has been uniquely blessed by her managers who have challenged, supported and developed her in different ways. "My managers have poured into me personally by taking a direct interest in my career development," says Dannyell. "They have challenged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and to pursue opportunities. They've also supported my engagement with our corporate initiatives in support of minority recruitment and university relations. This level of support has enabled me to feel seen, not only as a woman, but as a woman of color. When I came to Honeywell I was in search of a company where I could not only continue but end my career. Honeywell has provided a foundation upon which I can truly build and grow, both personally and professionally, extending opportunities for expanded leadership roles within my current position and beyond."

Enjoying her downtime

Dannyell is fuelled and inspired by nature, so in her downtime she enjoys spending time near water of any kind – the beach, lakes, even rain. She is also an avid reader.

Honeywell recruits, develops and retains talent from diverse backgrounds and cultures 

Honeywell operates in the software and industrial sectors providing industry-specific solutions for aerospace products and services, building control technologies, industrial equipment and high-performance materials.

State-of-the-art products are developed and produced in more than 100 countries and with over 100,000 employees worldwide.

Join Honeywell to enjoy a thriving career.


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