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AECOM women share how they embrace equity in the workplace

AECOM women share how they embrace equity in the workplace

 August 02, 2023

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How do organizations embrace equity? 

Marking International Women's Day earlier this year, diverse teams from across the world at AECOM answered this question by sharing their perspectives on equity and discussing how AECOM supports an inclusive and flexible work environment.

Below we hear from some of AECOM's women about what embracing equity means to them.

AECOM Associate Director, Underground Transit Singapore, Thandar Phyu

"To me, embracing equity is all about acknowledging that everyone is different and recognizing that these differences can create a better world," says Thandar Phyu.

AECOM Senior Engineer, Highways Australia, Janice Lovelock 

AECOM rail Janice Lovelock

"I'm a mother, I'm an engineer, and I'm also a wheelchair user," shares Janice Lovelock. "By catering to my needs, AECOM has enabled me to work in the same capacity regardless of my change in circumstances," says Janice Lovelock

AECOM Senior Manager, Rick Management U.S., Wendy Lau

"Taking the time to get to know people and their backgrounds and their experiences helps me to understand the ways in which my words or actions can either embrace or reject equity. This also teaches me to be compassionate and kind, and to give grace as much as possible as we move through this world together," explains Wendy Lau.

AECOM Regional Director UK, Yaeger Irwin

For Yaeger Irwin, equity is about providing fair and consistent opportunities for everyone, especially within the workplace. 

"At AECOM, I get to utilize the Freedom to Grow policy. This policy allows us to work flexibly alongside our clients and for the project needs," says Yaegar Irwin.

AECOM Senior Engineer, Geotechnical India, Eshita Mishra

"I've considered my inclusion as a differentiator," says Eshita Mishra. "I've learned to embrace my natural instincts as an empathetic leader. I am intuitive, and I've developed a high level of emotional intelligence. This helps me to understand my client, as well as my team, in a better way."

AECOM Project Manager, GDS Romania, Iona Voicu

Ioana Voicu embraces equity through three actions: by providing a safe environment, listening, and availability. 

"I create a safe environment for colleagues to speak their minds. I listen and I collaborate with people to ensure they have all the resources they need. And I remain available and flexible for their support." 

Embracing equity isn't solely about women, but is key for all genders

We also hear from two men at AECOM about what embracing equity means to them.

AECOM Senior Manager Overseas Investment China, Rick Lin 

At AECOM, I never felt that gender, nor age, culture or lifestyle was an issue. We don't just embrace equity in our mind, but also live it n our everyday life," suggests Rick Lin.

AECOM Vice President, Urbanism + Planning UAE, Amer Mneimneh 

"I embrace equity in the workplace by offering the opportunity to all staff to express themselves and their ideas and to share their thoughts, no matter when and how and where," shares Amer.

AECOM IWD embrace equity

Embrace equity in the workplace at AECOM 

Forging a career within an inclusive workplace enables employees to thrive. 

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