Up and coming innovators share their Honeywell internship journey

Up and coming innovators share their Honeywell internship journey

 August 02, 2023

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Honeywell's early career professionals are future leaders in pivotal areas like data science, engineering, supply chain and beyond. Get to know what some of these up-and-coming innovators have been up to in their internships.

Internships provide a useful opportunity to explore different industries, build skillsets, and begin to forge a career path. 

Here, interns at Honeywell share how they plan to apply the experiences they've had to their next steps as professionals.

Meet Honeywell Advanced Tech and Research & Development intern, Aerospace, Laura Inderberg

Human systems engineering and business student at Arizona State University.

Internship Location: Phoenix Arizona, USA

Favorite project: It’s hard to pick just one! I’ve had the luck to work on several very interesting and stimulating projects with my team, but probably the most exciting is a machine learning project about emotion recognition. It is incredible to see what advanced tech can do, and it is inspiring to see my mentors and colleagues never stop learning.

Top takeaway from the internship: This experience has been the best thing that has happened to me career-wise. It gave me the opportunity to translate into real-life work what I have learned in school, and it has strengthened my commitment and passion for the field of human systems. On a more personal level, I have the fortune of working with wonderful people who guide me and inspire me every day to always keep growing.

Meet Honeywell UOP, Future Finance Leaders intern, Bella Concepcion

Honeywell Intern

Finance and business administration student at Texas A&M University.

Internship Location: Greater Chicago

Favorite project: The most exciting project I’ve been working on is forecasting, and I’ve learned so much about how to apply skills to make predictions for the future, which is a crucial skill I will use for the rest of my career.

Top takeaway from the internship: One of my favorite parts of the internship is getting to work with such an incredible team and getting to interact with so many different people in Honeywell UOP. Not only are there so many networking opportunities, but everyone is more than willing to be open about their job experience and help you develop your career.

Meet Honeywell Future IT Leader intern, Madison Apoderado

Computer Information Systems student at Arizona State University.

Internship Location: Charlotte North Carolina, USA

Favorite project: For my individual assignment, I have been working on front-end reporting of the cross-functional calculator for the IT Mergers & Acquisitions team. Working with everyone in my team and the exposure to the technology industry has been extremely rewarding. 

Top takeaway from the internship: Being here has been very impactful to me, as before, I was never really sure how I fit in to the tech landscape. These opportunities have been validating to my experience that I do belong in these spaces, and it feels like a manifestation of all my hard work throughout my academic career.

Meet Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Cybersecurity intern, Jody Askren

Honeywell Intern

Graduate student in management information systems at the University of Arizona.

Internship Location: Atlanta Favorite project: The most exciting project I have gotten to work on while in my internship with Honeywell is related to data governance. I have gotten firsthand experience working with other teams across the company to ensure their usage of data complies with legal standards and is being used properly. This project directly aligns with my passion of working with data and has clearly defined what career path I enjoy and want to pursue after graduation.

Top takeaway from the internship: As a student who went straight into my masters after completing my undergraduate degree, I was looking for real-life work experience in the industry. Honeywell has made the transition seamless, and I have gained more knowledge in the past three months than I could have imagined. This internship has truly shown me what I want for my future career while also teaching me more about myself.

Meet Honeywell UOP Engineering intern, Haley Moses

Mechanical engineering student at Prairie View A&M University.

Internship Location: Chickasaw Alabama, USA

Favorite project: I have had the opportunity to get experience working on the engineering design process, which isn’t something that’s done a lot in the traditional classroom setting.

Top takeaway from the internship: I was initially very nervous to leave my home area of Houston – I've never worked anywhere besides home – but the working environment and team that I’m a part of has made the transition very smooth and enjoyable. Having such a great experience has given me confidence for the future.

Meet Honeywell Intelligrated, Engineering Program Management intern, Meranda Butler

Honeywell Internships

Electrical engineering student at Jackson State University.

Internship location: Mason Ohio, USA

Favorite project: The coolest project I am working on is improving an internal resource for the global project management office to navigate their different learning modules in a more efficient way.

Top takeaway from the internship: I have enjoyed being able to utilize my leadership skills this summer. I’ve also been very interactive with employees globally and have communicated with others to execute events for the Honeywell Women’s Employee Network, including a panel discussion and community service.

Meet Honeywell Legal intern, Linda Vitarigova 

Law student at Charles University

Internship Location: Prague, Czech Republic.

Favorite project: The nature of the legal internship at Honeywell allows for interns to immerse themselves in many different projects. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had was related to contracts, and it allowed me to put my legal writing skills to the test.

Top takeaway from the internship: I genuinely believe the business acumen that I acquired during the internship is immeasurably valuable for my career.

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