Women, forge a tremendous leadership career at Honeywell

Women, forge a tremendous leadership career at Honeywell

 August 24, 2023

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Honeywell provides its employees with valuable opportunities to strengthen their leadership competencies and accelerate their development.
Women leaders across ASEAN, Pacific, and North Asia have shared their insights on how they shape the future as leaders, and what being a Honeywell Futureshaper means to them.

Meet Honeywell Building Technologies, General Manager, Stephanie

Honeywell Futureshaper

"Honeywell is focused on developing leadership among its employees, offering formal and informal opportunities for leadership at many levels of the organization," shares Stephanie. 

"Leadership skills are further honed through many training opportunities, development programs, and mentoring. Opportunity exists for all employees to participate in employee-led groups like WE Connect (Women Exchange Connect) to build informal networks and develop leadership skills amongst peers. Honeywell promotes a culture that values input from across the organization regardless of the level to solve problems and create solutions. At Honeywell, there is a strong focus on the development, recognition, and promotion of internal talent."

Meet Honeywell Korea's One Country HR Leader, Jo

Honeywell Futureshaper

"I am shaping the future as a leader by leading as an example to influence and drive culture change and flexibility in response to changing business conditions. I am proactive, I anticipate future needs of the business, develop HR solutions and implement them," comments Jo.

Meet Honeywell Japan's Airline Aftermarket Sales Manager, Keiko

Honeywell Futureshaper

Keiko interprets being a Futureshaper as taking ownership of her career.

"This encourages me to understand the advantages and opportunities, and then develop my future," she says. 

Meet Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions ANZ Regional General Manager, Heather 

Honeywell Futureshaper

"Honeywell takes the development of employees very seriously," explains Heather.

"From new onboarding and training tools offered to online portals and face-to-face development sessions, I have found Honeywell has the tools available for those willing to take part in their personal and professional growth journey. The new Honeywell Accelerator platform has enabled the team to easily navigate both internal, as well as external, development programs for people to accelerate their development, which is really exciting."

Meet Honeywell Taiwan Senior Sales Manager, S.M.

Honeywell Futureshaper

S.M. is proud to be a leader in Honeywell, where she works with competent team members in finding the best opportunity in the market, pursue market share quickly, and building the positive brand reputation for Honeywell.

Be a Futureshaper at Honeywell 

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