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AECOM Project Manager Allie Velleca works on carbon reduction

AECOM Project Manager Allie Velleca works on carbon reduction

 September 06, 2023

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Allie Velleca is a Project Manager from AECOM's Transportation business in the U.S. East.

She and her team have been using their skills to develop Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Carbon Reduction Strategy.

Allie describes this project as a major highlight of her career, outlining how she works with TDOT to develop their state-wide Carbon Reduction Strategy. Read more about Allie's work here.

Expanding knowledge and honing project management skills

"My background is in transportation demand management, focusing on how businesses, individuals and communities can influence how people travel to and from work or other places, and reducing the number of trips and single occupant vehicles on the road. While transportation demand management is an obvious strategy for carbon reduction, decarbonization is not my area of expertise. This project gave me a chance to expand my knowledge about decarbonization and to hone my project management skills," explains Allie.

"When I took over this project it was already in progress, but it felt like it needed more technical expertise. By finding the holes and enlisting the right people within AECOM to fill the gaps, I was able to bring change quickly to help TDOT get where it needs to be on its decarbonization journey. We have the resources within AECOM to explore and refine virtually any potential carbon reduction strategy our client is interested in. When the next opportunity presents itself to manage a project outside of my wheelhouse, I’ll call on our SMEs to help meet the client’s needs," she says.

An impressive career to date

Alongside her current decarbonization work with TDOT, Allie has worked in the transportation demand management (TDM) industry for over ten years. She has performed hands-on outreach providing custom trip plans for commuters, telework implementation plans for employers, and strategic plans for regional and statewide TDM programs. 

Allie was recognized by the Association for Commuter Transportation as an Emerging Leader in 2021, and as a 40 Under 40 award recipient in 2016.

Allie is the current Chair of ACT’s Telework and Alternative Work Arrangements Council.

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