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WTW offers holistic solutions to enhance employee wellbeing

WTW offers holistic solutions to enhance employee wellbeing

 October 19, 2023

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To celebrate World Mental Health Day, WTW recently organized the Yoga Teaching Class and a Cooking Clean Eating Class for its colleagues.

The event supported WTW's holistic solutions to support colleagues in managing daily stress and to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Four key dimensions of wellbeing

WTW World Mental Health Day

WTW believes the ideal state of employee wellbeing is achieved when employees are physically thriving, emotionally balanced, financially secure, and socially connected.

Each dimension is unique and intertwined with the others. Integrated wellbeing begins with individuals and, when achieved, extends throughout their organizations, families, and the larger community. These are the four key dimensions of WTW's wellbeing approach:

  • Physical wellbeing - To thrive physically means understanding and managing one’s health, taking appropriate preventive measures, improving health status where needed, managing chronic conditions, navigating and recovering from an acute illness or unexpected injury and successfully returning to peak functionality at home and at work.
  • Emotional wellbeing - Being emotionally balanced means being self-aware, maintaining good mental health, being resilient by managing stress, coping with positive and negative emotional triggers, dealing with life crises and maintaining stability through illness or injury.
  • Financial wellbeing - Achieving the state of being financially secure means having the ability to manage budgetary commitments, meet financial goals, protect against risks, save for contingencies or future needs like college or retirement and cope with financial shocks.
  • Social wellbeing - Social wellbeing is about being connected by understanding how to interact well with others by accepting diversity, being inclusive, knowing how to support and collaborate with others, being able to successfully resolve conflicts and adapting to change. Being connected applies across one’s family and friends, one’s workplace and the larger community.

WTW supports a culture of wellbeing 

WTW champions wellness in the workplace and creates a workplace environment where its employees can truly thrive. 

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