Honeywells Nicole Love changed jobs and cities with great support

Honeywell's Nicole Love changed jobs and cities with great support

 November 07, 2023

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Working for a supportive employer that actively helps to forge successful careers can be very exciting.

Honeywell  Product Manager, Nicole Love, was aided in her transition to a new role and city, and now she helps shape the future for others. Furthermore, Nicole is involved in Honeywell's Black Employee Network (HBEN).

Having worked for Honeywell for over two decades, Nicole's career path is highly impressive. Nicole currently works as a Product Manager, following her previous positions at Honeywell as Senior Offering Management Specialist, IT Sales Engineer, and Information Technology Infrastructure Manager.

"Moving to Atlanta was huge for me and intentionally finding ways to meet others, engage and grow helped me with my transition and still continues to. Whether it be Honeywell's Black Employee Network, the Women's Employee Network or Women in Technology, all the work I’ve done, and/or currently do with every employee network, is based on the same principle for me…life (at work or away from work) is meant to be lived in community. It makes a better work experience for sure, and it takes all of us working together with that understanding and doing our part to help build it," says Nicole. "Thanks to everyone doing their part! It’s working! Let’s keep connecting and growing together!"

Understanding customer needs 

Nicole has built some great career experience. For example, through her work she has been required to firmly understand customer and industry issues and create products that solve customers' challenges, and provide value to them. Nicole has focused on the retail sector and understanding what a customer needs to control and manage their entire enterprise from a centralized location and all the pain points that come along with it and figure out how she can make sure her product makes their life easier.

Helping create community for others 

When asked how community plays a role in her career, Nicole says: "Through my work with our employee network groups, I not only found community, but I got engaged at a deeper level to help create community for others who are seeking it. I’ve had the opportunity to lead as well as be led and to receive mentorship. This has all been pivotal to my career growth and sense of accomplishment and purpose."

Sharing advice for aspiring engineers in her field, Nicole says: "Don't put yourself in a box. In engineering, you can apply those skills to any area of a business if you allow yourself to see beyond a defined field. Follow a path that you feel most drawn to and explore it, and if you don't, try another area that you feel drawn to until you find what's right. The world is yours!"

Building a culture and environment 

"I feel that the culture of Honeywell helps me belong by having a chance to connect with other people, even outside my day-to-day job. Employee networks really helped change things for me in 2021, so as part of me taking a new job in Offering Management I was required to move to Atlanta," shares Nicole.

"When I came to Atlanta I didn't know anybody in that office. So, getting a chance to get plugged in with the employee networks, that I help lead now, it helped me get to know other people at the sites. It also gave me an opportunity to help lead some teams of people, to help put some value in front of the company. When we go in front of employee networks I'm helping build a culture and an environment, and put programs in place that bring in the individual employees and help shape their future."

Help shape the future in a role with Honeywell 

Working in an inclusive workplace environment can promote a great sense of empowerment. 

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