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WTW colleagues share what it means to inspire inclusion

WTW colleagues share what it means to inspire inclusion

 April 09, 2024

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In celebration of International Women's Day. WTW asked colleagues from around the globe to share what inspires inclusion.

"Together we can forge women’s equality and build more inclusive organizations," said WTW.

"Together we can inspire inclusion, drive gender equality, and foster work environments that are diverse and equitable," said the company.

Creating an inclusive work environment

WTW is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard, respected and valued. The company believes building a diverse workforce that leverages all of its colleagues' best thinking and efforts will be the key to sustaining WTW's competitive advantage, today and in the future.

"I am inspired by my mother, who instilled in me the core values of independence, perseverance, and compassion, shaping me into the person I am today," commented WTW's Nikki Hall-Jones.

"I am inspired by the inclusion shown by a dance studio owner and a group of kids that welcomed my daughter onto a competition hip hop team," shared WTW's Michelle Acciavatti.

"My grandma is my inspiration. My grandma inspires me to be the best person I can be," said WTW's Madalena Woods.

"I am inspired by Halima Aden, the first black model who showed courage by wearing the hijab," announced WTW's Karima Hussain.

Inclusion is embedded into everything WTW does

Making progress in inclusion and diversity is not a separate initiative with WTW, It is embedded into everything the company does.

Every colleague at WTW helps bring its inclusion and diversity strategy to life. WTW believes that when its individual talents are combined, it unlocks the collective potential and creates an environment where everyone can be authentic, curious and bold.

"My personal trainer Charley and my gym buddy Vic have given me the inspiration and the motivation I really needed," explained WTW's Lizzie Mee.

"I am inspired by my sister Linda! She studied engineering at a university where most of the students where men and she made her dream come true becoming an engineer," added WTW's Gaia Cortesi.

"I am inspired by my grandmother, who lived to be 100 and broke many gender norms along the way," shared WTW's Diya Luke.

"I am inspired by Cheryl Chong, whose passion for inclusivity and community engagement has left an indelible mark on those around her," commented WTW's Dylan Ng.

"I'm inspired by Sasha DiGiulian, one of the best female free climbers in the world," said WTW's Hanne Borst.

Fostering a collaborative and supportive workplace

WTW knows that inclusion aims to create a sense of belonging.

An inclusive culture makes employees feel valued, respected and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives. It involves fostering a collaborative and supportive environment where diversity is celebrated and respected. It helps individuals thrive and succeed, creating a more productive, innovative and sustainable workplace.

"The England women's football team is inspiring due to their drive to be their best and their unwavering commitment to breaking down barriers and advocating for gender equality in sports," said WTW's Rebecca Garcia-Miller.

"I am inspired by my daughter Emma! She is just starting her career and I see her strong commitment to supporting her colleagues and making them all feel included and valued," explained WTW' Tracey Jurusik.

"I am inspired by my sister, Beverly Allen. As the youngest of three girls, both of my sisters have always been a source of courage, love, and a healthy dose of honesty... whether I ask for it or not," said WTW's Rita Dandridge.

"I'm inspired by Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon, as an officially registered participant (1967)," added WTW's Liz Avery.

"I am inspired by my mom! At the young age of 20, she made the tough decision to move to a different country without speaking the local language," commented WTW's Ivan Kutle.

"I am inspired by my mom. She is the third child of six siblings and the only girl. She is my biggest support and cheerleader," shared WTW's Kathy Adams [pictured above].

WTW promotes inclusion across the world

WTW is committed to embedding inclusion and diversity into everything it does, so its colleagues can bring their best self to work every day, feeling welcomed and valued.

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