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WTW Lisbon leadership team discuss company's work culture

 May 02, 2024

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WTW is committed to helping its people succeed and the company creates value by working together as a team.

Discover life at WTW through the eyes of WTW Lisbon Regional Delivery Hub Leader, Joana Araujo Pereira, and hear from members of the WTW Lisbon leadership team, WTW Lisbon Regional Delivery Hub, Retirement Leader, Alexandra Ramada and WTW Automation Centre of Excellence Leader, João Soares.

They share how WTW is very people-orientated, with diverse teams and supportive colleagues, meaning that WTW is a great place to grow a successful career.

WTW has a very people-orientated culture

Joana explains that she feels very lucky to have her job and, for her, the company has the right values and the right service offer propositions. For Joana, WTW is professional but also fun, ensuring that work is carried out appropriately.

"The culture here is very people oriented, so there is real concern about people. I love my team, the way we work and collaborate together and that is very important, but I also love the leaders. I work abroad, so we work a lot abroad here in the hub, and the leaders are all amazing," explains Joana. "We have a lot of young people, a lot of opportunities to grow. One of the first to join a team that is growing means that you'll have plenty of opportunities waiting for you. WTW is all about people, and that is the spirit of the company that really stands out."

Supportive colleagues within diverse teams

WTW Lisbon Regional Delivery Hub, Retirement Leader, Alexandra Ramada, shares that she wants WTW to be perceived as a family as it is a place where everyone can grow, people can choose what they want to do, and they can be themselves.

"We are a very diverse team in all aspects of diversity. I think we support each other, and we have difficult moments as a company. I think all companies have it sometimes. There is a lot of work to do or difficult decisions to take, but if I have any kind of challenge or difficulty, there are a lot of people that I can reach out and just say, 'can you give me your opinion or your perspective' and people will tell me the truth, even if it is not as good as we would like, but they will say what they think, and they will help me for sure," comments Alexandra. "This is something that we see in the teams also and in the whole team when they experience difficult moments with a lot of work to do, and there's always someone that says 'you want some help, I can do is this for you'."

WTW seeks for excellence in all that it does

WTW Automation Centre of Excellence Leader, João Soares, discusses how WTW is a company that is over 100 years old, and as such, it is stable and a safe place to work, but it is not stuck in time. WTW is always working to improve and looks at how things are done internally, while also being critical in terms of how the company can do better.

"That spirit of always trying to achieve more is also something I really enjoy at WTW. That seeking for excellence is something that we all strive for," says João. "When I joined WTW the team was around 20 people. Now it's almost 200, but it kept the same spirit. I think these networks and these connections that we've built with each other are something that creates that feeling of being home."

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WTW is committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone is heard, respected, and valued.

WTW believes building a diverse workforce that leverages all of its colleagues' best thinking and efforts is key to sustaining our competitive advantage.

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