Honeywell Chief Commercial Officer discusses Pride Month

Honeywell Chief Commercial Officer discusses Pride Month

 June 19, 2024

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Working for an employer that fosters an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued, respected and accepted can provide a rewarding career.

Meet Honeywell Chief Commercial Officer, Energy and Sustainability Solutions, Sydney Wyatt.

As a Honeywell Futureshaper, Sydney shares what Pride Month represents for her and how the Honeywell's LGBTQ+ Employee Network has helped her feel appreciated and inspired to become her best self.

Feeling appreciated, valued and respected

Sydney shares that she believes that at work, not only does she feel completely comfortable being her full self, but she feels that even beyond that, that full self is appreciated, valued and respected as a complete individual.

"I'm able to deliver my best work by being my true self and hopefully inspire others to do the same," says Sydney.

Finding a sense of community

Sydney explains that Pride Month is a really special month for her, especially over the past year. Sydney and her wife relocated to Germany a couple of years ago, and they have spent a lot of time trying to build a community, make friends, and transcend cultural differences, language differences and different barriers.

"What I found participating in the Network, especially there, and as part of walking in the parade during Pride Month, it was a great way to really solidify friendships and community, not just with our colleagues, but also with their family members as well," says Sydney.

"So getting to see different leaders, different people from work, that are all walking together in the parade for the same purpose and cause, united together, really just helped drive that community for us. It was a very special time, especially being in a place so far away from home," she adds.

Fostering collaboration and belonging

Honeywell's Employee Networks are open to all employees, and through its Networks, Honeywell fosters collaboration and belonging, enabling everyone to share and learn from one another and fully contribute at work and in the community in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Honeywell is committed to embracing diversity and inclusion

Honeywell actively recruits, develops and retains talent from diverse backgrounds and cultures who bring different experiences, perspectives, abilities and ideas.

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